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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Current Situation - A Food for Thought for All

The NATION has ushered into 2009.The year 2008 has been eventful some good and lots of BAD. The memories of 26/11 are still fresh in our mind. In my opinion this bad memory should continue to remain in our mind, not to make us unhappy but to continue our resolve and effort to deal with such calamities. STILL BETTER WOULD BE TO GEAR UP AS AN INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETY AND AS A NATION TO DO WHATEVER POSSIBLE TO PREVENT SUCH OCCURRENCE.

To tackle this let us go one by one:


“My contribution towards this can be in the form of shedding couldn’t care less attitude towards things happening around us.

Put your self in the shoes of a terrorist and list out what method he/she will adopt to harm us and then decide what you could do to prevent this.

Vent your air towards wrong things around you, but be practical .Do not expect wonders as all agencies and even Govt has its limitations.

Be a disciplined member of the society and exhibit it through personal example.

Do not wait for someone else to make a beginning. LET IT BE YOU.

Let nothing go undetected when more than 200 crores eyes are there to cover the area. HOWEVER THE EYES NEED TO BE VIGILANT AND MAY HAVE TO BE TRAINED.

When these terrorists landed at Mumbai, they were noticed by some and some even questioned them also. Imagine if we were more responsive and vigilant in spotting these terrorists and equally responsive in informing the police and the police equally responsive in taking immediate action, this bloodshed could have been avoided. This is not only applicable to the recent incident but applicable to all the incidents which have been bleeding our NATION for so long. LET US TAKE THIS AS LESSON FOR FUTURE.

It is my responsibility also to protect myself and my family to the extent possible and then only look up to society and the Govt to do some thing for me. Create awareness amongst you family, friends and society towards this effort and may be many like you would come forward and make the difference."

2. As a SOCIETY.

“Do not become a mute spectator to an anti terrorist operation and hinder their operation. Rather try and provide imp info to facilitate the security forces operations AND to nab those still at large.

Convert your individual effort into collectively effort as a force multiplier to fight this menace.

Create awareness amongst the complete society as to what we can do collectively as one and one makes eleven.

Do not ridicule a particular section of society and suspect them for the wrong done by an individual of their community. In fact you need their support more than anybody else to weed out such bad elements from their community. Remember a terrorist is like a fish in water, (public is water), the moment you segregate the two, the fish will die.

Continue pressure on the govt to improve their mechanism to fight terrorism. Expose the loop holes in the system through mock exercises. Do not allow the govt to loose their focus. Make a consistent effort in exposing kinks in security.

Expose corrupt elements in society particularly who sell national interest for small gains. Expose negligent, inefficient and/corrupt official through press, TV and other methods as they are as dangerous as terrorists for the community and nation. The society and the nation pays a heavy price for nurturing such elements. Make sure the media remains focused on all security related issues.”

3 As a NATION.

"As a nation we should have a very tough policies and laws to deal with terror threat/incidents.

As on date terrorism is a biggest issue our nation is facing. It should be treated as a national calamity. A multi pronged nationwide attack needs to be launched to deal with the terror till its logical end. The various terror cells operating within the country must be destroyed ruthlessly. No mercy to a terrorist should be shown by any one incl judiciary and human rites. Anyone sympathizing with the terrorist should be treated as enemy of the nation and be dealt with accordingly.

An integrated effort need to be launched to eradicate this menace. A total public participation should be sought to get the intelligence, fore warning and segregation of these bad elements from rest of the society.

No repeat NO political mileage be allowed to be drawn from these issues.

Let there be only one agency to deal with terrorist.

No RPT No negotiation with terrorist on their demands should be entertained. A fast court procedure to deal with such cases. The finalization of cases should be time bound without long list of evidences. Train public, police, media and the govt mechanism to deal with such crisis, as the first casualty of such incidents is the total failure of the entire mechanism and things are free for all without any control.”

Be alert, vigilant and responsible as an INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETY AND NATION to ward off terrorist threat”.

Courtesy Mr.Praveen Jhangiani

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