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Monday, December 29, 2008

Reviews and Recommendations

Each one has unique perceptions, and this page welcomes all to share.. whether Restaurant, movie, book, place, shop, mall, person, or event.. every moment nourishes our Souls in unique ways.. profound enough to feel.. and share..


  1. Just finished the book "The Road".. really unsettling.. The Author Cormac McCarthy seamlessly brings out the hope in 'hope'lessness.. the 'survival' instincts of man.. even when the road goes 'nowhere'.. the protective mutuality of a father and his child, moving on at any cost, when it is so much simpler to just curl up and die.. moving within a bleak present without any past or future.. desperately holding on to the 'light' that he could not extinguish.. his son..

    his form of writing.. the interaction between the father and son.. and the few people they meet up with.. everything points towards stupor.. and numbness.. and devastation.. everything wiped out.. a globally warmed generation.. walking through burned America.. with broken words.. thoughts.. the good versus evil within man.. a shadowy God struggling to hold on to remnants of light amidst desolate primitivism..

    what is most striking is he does not try to 'imagine' the unimaginable.. there is no 'history'.. just a road and devastation and remnants of life and humanity.. every material object.. or words.. precious to the extent of utility.. even your own life.. and you can feel the fear and escalation of a future each might be contributing towards.. the preciousness of the road each one of us presently walks.. the freshness and purity of the breath.. the clear light of divinity held within.. and a 'future' we can help.. truly.. right here.. right now.. sifting.. recognizing the essence of humanity.. the protective bond of love

    really scary shades of the 'present' in that bleakness.. the 'road' becoming our life ..

  2. Beautiful movie 'The Painted Veil'.. ethereal depiction of it's title, in the 'unveiling' of emotions that surpass any 'characterization' in a human being.. for few lift the veil.. or even try.. looking past it's myriad folds.. to the heart beating inside..

  3. Commercials leave no less an impact than a song, a story, a book or a movie.. in fact maybe they leave a stronger impact with repeat broadcasts, catchy lines, vibrant colours, famous people, and aesthetic designs.. commercials don't just make a difference to the Sale of their Product, they can make a difference in someone's life.. sometimes witty, sometimes bizarre.. their brevity captures the attention of even the easily distracted..

    lately there is one for Greenply Plywood (mocking) the judicial system.. stressing the life-long 'durability' of court cases..

    there is another one for Tata Tea (rebuking) the political system.. questioning the brash ostentation that runs a country unqualified..

    and I can't help lauding these extremely talented people, for creating 'eye openers' in the 'blink' of an eye..

  4. have been reading this book ‘The Secret’ by Ms.Rhonda Byrne, which keeps bringing me back to me.. and I wonder.. if under hypnosis man can move mountains so to speak.. why can't we 'train' our minds to 'believe' in ourselves.. naturally.. if our thoughts are determining our future.. our feelings affecting our choices.. if 'conditioning' is all we need to get rid of.. towards limitless possibilities.. and this is the 'secret' to life.. then why are we still looking outwards.. is this what the scriptures mean by saying God is there within us all.. are we turning to faith.. and prayers.. for things to happen.. when all along it is our 'faith' that becomes the miracle..