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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Container Gardening

Children and youth are the future, not just of gardening, but of life itself. Gardening benefits kids' health and well-being, their attitudes towards learning and the environment, their connections to community, and so much more.

Container gardening is a perfect way to get children involved in something other than video games and television. They will learn how to take a single seed and grow a beautiful flower, herb or vegetable. By planting and caring for their container garden, they will become aware of all living things around them, not only the plants in their containers. Children will also learn responsibility in caring for the container gardens.

Along with the fun of getting dirty, gardening helps children learn valuable lessons about patience as they wait for vegetables to grow, and most important, They learn about nurturing a life and what it takes to keep something alive.

Gardening should be encouraged at all school levels, since nothing can be more therapeutic, the stress levels and our fears towards the environment notwithstanding. I hope We can make this happen by example.. and hold a container gardening session for the children of Basant to tend by themselves.

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